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Best Articles: 20 Articles That Can Change Your Life

Best Articles: 20 Articles That Can Change Your Life


There are enough articles on this site to fill multiple books, so it can sometimes be daunting to know where to start. Below are what many consider to be the best articles that have been the most popular, the most shared, or had the greatest effect on readers’ lives.

Best Articles by Category

I’ve listed the best four articles in five different categories:

  • Understand Your Mind
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Life Purpose
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Self-Discipline
  • Understand Your Mind

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck – The most popular article on the site and the impetus for the worldwide bestselling book by the same name. Guide to Personal Values – An in-depth look at how we come to value the things we value and how this affects who we are.

How to Grow Up – A step-by-step breakdown of the psychology of growth and development. A look at how humans mature and grow through experience and self-questioning.

The One Rule for Life – What makes an action right or wrong? What makes a person good or bad? Well, there’s a rule for that.

Emotional Intelligence

Fuck Your Feelings – The best starting place to understand your emotions and your relationship to them.

The 3 Levels of Self-Awareness – Are you self-aware? Are you sure? Because you’re probably not as self-aware as you think you are. Why the Best Things in Life Are Backwards – There’s an odd tendency in our psychology where the more we desire something the harder it is to get. The Disease of More – Hedonic treadmills, baselines of happiness, constant dissatisfaction, it’s the disease of more. And we’re all afflicted.

Life Purpose

7 Strange Questions that Help You Find Your Life Purpose – The best place to start if you’re questioning what you’re meant to be doing in this world.

The Most Important Question of Your Life – What is the most important question to be asking yourself? I would argue it’s this. Screw Finding Your Passion – Everyone wants to find their passion these days, but what does that really mean?

The Four Stages of Life – We all tend to move through similar stages in our lives. Here’s a fun look at how time and experience change us.

Healthy Relationships

Love Is Not Enough – We all worship love in our culture, but the truth is that a healthy relationship needs far more than just love. Fuck Yes or No – When it comes to choosing your commitments, if it’s not a Fuck Yes, then it should be a no. 6 Toxic Relationship Habits Most People Think Are Normal – It’s crazy how many fucked up things pass in relationships as “normal.” Don’t be one of these people.

How to Let Go – A deep and psychological look at what happens when you lose someone or a relationship that’s important to you, with advice on how to cope.


If Self-Discipline Feels Difficult, Then You’re Doing It Wrong – Self-discipline shouldn’t be hard. In fact, it isn’t, when you know how to do it.

The Attention Diet – We live in an unprecedented time when we are overflowing with information. This article explains how to take care of our attention and focus.

Five Mindsets that Create Success – Some mindsets are better than others. Here are five that are proven to make you a more productive and successful person.

How to Be More Productive by Working Less – Productivity isn’t always just a function of the hours you work. Sometimes you need to work smarter, not harder.